Here is a complete SEO training guide on how to check if a site is deindexed by Google. Knowing how to check whether your site was deindexed by search engines such as Google will help you strategize a plan to make your site visible again. SEO Training Philippines is here to give you knowledge on ways on how you’ll be able to know if your site was deindexed by Google.

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Is my site deindexed by Google?

With the recent Google EMD update which is similar to the Panda and Penguin update by Google, many EMD or Exact Match Domain sites got hit and penalized by it. The recent EMD update targets low quality websites which only uses EMD advantage in ranking their sites. While these Google algorithm updates, many sites got penalized by either dropping their ranks on Google search engine results pages or worst getting the site deindexed by Google.

Possible Symptoms of Being Deindexed by Google

  • Sudden decrease on Google search engine traffic
  • Cannot find your homepage in Google search results
  • Cannot find any of your existing web pages in Google search results

 Deindexed is a SEO term which means that your URLs was been removed in search engine results, particularly by Google. Read below to know how to check if your site was deindexed by Google.

Step by Step Guide on How to Check if a Site is Deindexed by Google

1. Go to Google search engine.

2. Type in “site:domain“. Just replace the domain with your own domain. (Eg.

How to Check if a Site is Deindexed by Google

3. Based on the results you can determine whether your site was penalized or not. If there are results for your domain then generally your site in not deindexed. If there are no results then your website is most likely been deindexed by Google.

With results = Not Deindexed

No results = Deindexed

Note that there are exceptions for this. If your website is new and hasn’t been indexed by Google, then this method doesn’t apply for your website. However if it has already been indexed and you used the method above, and no results displayed then your site has been deindexed.

Got your website deindexed? We will be sharing SEO strategies you can use to make your website be visible again in our future articles as well as reasons why you got your site deindexed. For now enjoy this guide by SEO Training Philippines. Hope you have learned how to check if a site is deindexed by Google from this SEO training guide.