Many people that just established or created their websites believe that showing up in Google takes a month or more. While this idea seems true, there are ways on how to get your website be indexed by Google fast. Using Google owns technology you can index your website in about 3 days or less.

SEO Training Philippines is going to share with you some steps in making your website be indexed faster. Below are the SEO strategies and steps on how to get indexed faster by Google. Follow this steps as this can make your website show up in Google search engine results.

Steps to Make Your Website Get Indexed by Google Faster

1. Make sure that you website is up and running, and is ready. It should have no broken links and have its own unique contents.

website up and running

2. Optimize your website for the keywords that are highly related and connected with your content. You should be using your main keyword for each page, meta description tag, meta keyword tag, heading of the page and the first few sentences in your content preferably at the beginning of the first paragraph. Add your keywords  a few times to the pages, but do not overdo it.

optimize website

3. Create a sitemap file for your site. Sitemap file is a formatted file containing all your URL links with an XML extension. You can use free online or offline tools to generate your own sitemap file.

sitemap file

4. Upload the sitemap file in the root of your website directory.

upload sitemap file

5. Log in at Google Webmaster Tools  using your free Google account. Create an account if you do not have one.

google webmaster tools

6. Type your website full URL by clicking the “Add a Site” button.

add a site

7. Type your full Sitemap url which is usually sitemap.xml in the provided “Add Test Sitemap” form.

add sitemap url

add sitemap

8. Wait about 2 or 3 days. You can check and verify if your site was indexed by using the Google search using the word “site:” before your URL. Example If it shows up, it means that Google already has indexed your website.

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